Facebook Launches a Newswire

FB Newswire

Thursday, Facebook launched FB Newswire which will serve as a digital newspaper to Facebook users. This Facebook page features “hand-selected and journalist-verified news stories from across Facebook’s platform,” according to Mashable. Facebook has partnered with Storyful, a news agency that verifies and aggregates news found on social media.

FB Newswire will highlight stories from around the world, sometimes in languages other than English. (Captions will be in English.) To subscribe, you’ll need to Like the FB Newswire page, and you’ll start seeing stories in your News Feed. This is a strategic move by Facebook to stay competitive with Twitter in the breaking news category. Will you subscribe to FB Newswire?

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at Davina.Horton@infuz.com or 314-584-8000.


Too much magnesium

So my wife sent me this entertaining little number earlier today where a guy is experimenting with some explosive compounds in his dining room.  After a few laughs and rewinds, it dawned on me… there are some interesting parallels between this poor guy and digital strategy.

You see, we can come up with a mixture of tactics and ideas and attach an educated guess to the outcome of those tactics; but until we light the fuse, we wont know if that particular mixture will give us the controlled sparkle we expect, or if it’s doomed to blow up in our faces.

Take the NYPD, for example. They recently asked the citizens of New York City to post pictures of themselves with local officers.  It went well for a while… but I think you could guess where it ended up.  See the Buzzfeed article here.

Bottom line, digital strategy is not to be taken lightly.  At INFUZ, we’re all digital, all the time.  We specialize in peeling back the layers of a brand and its consumers to see where the common connects are.  We build messaging around those connections, and provide a rich environment where brands and consumers can build lasting relationships.

If you’ve experienced “Too much magnesium,” give us a call.  We’re happy to discuss what outcome you and your team would like to expect for 2014-15.

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Instagram Tips for Businesses

The first things that come to mind when you think of Instagram are most likely selfies, filters, and photos of people’s meals. However, from a business standpoint there is a large audience waiting to be tapped. Instagram has over 150 million active users. However, you shouldn’t just start a company page and use it the same way the average Instagram user would by sharing photos of your lunch and sunrises. Here is a list of 10 rules all businesses should follow on Instagram.

I really appreciate businesses that use Instagram as a way to show their fans what’s happening behind the scenes. I love seeing a brand’s softer, more human side. All business and no play isn’t going to draw any attention. Don’t be afraid to be funny and share a silly moment with your audience. Leave the strictly business talk for LinkedIn.

Be sure to follow Infuz on Instagram: @infuz. We always love to see a good #selfie!

Infuz Instagram dounuts Infuz Instagram Instagram Infuz

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at Davina.Horton@infuz.com or 314-584-8000.

Productivity Tips from CEOs

CEOs have a lot on their plates. Running an entire company takes lots of time and energy. Maximizing productivity and time management are abilities successful CEOs have mastered. Mashable put together a list of tips from CEOs on how they stay productive.

The tip that stood out most to me was the suggestion to take breaks every 90 minutes. This tip came from Tony Schwartz, president of the Energy Project, who explains that our bodies run on 90-minutes energy intervals. This explains that wall we hit after continuously working on a project for too long. It is best to give yourself a break, clear your mind, and come back to the project refreshed.

I’m also a big fan of the tip Gina Trapani, founder of ThinkUp, provided regarding not being a slave to your emails. She suggests setting certain times throughout the day to check your emails instead of constantly reading and replying to them all day long. This will help you focus, attain more information, and create a daily routine. I personally believe that work should be done during work hours only (as much as possible). France recently banned work emails after 6pm, and I greatly believe that  this is a step in the right directions. Having a balanced personal and work life will help you be more successful in life overall.

What traits does your CEO exhibit that you try to emulate?

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at Davina.Horton@infuz.com or 314-584-8000.

Lyft Launches in St. Louis

Last night Lyft hosted its St. Louis launch party at The Gramophone on Manchester. Lyft has quickly been spreading across the country as a friendly, affordable alternative to the common taxi cab. You download the Lyft app to your phone, request a driver, and your credit card is charged once you have reached your destination. Lyft likes to refer to itself as “your friend with a car.”

Lyft Launch Party

Social media is a big part of how this app became successful. Drivers and riders are encouraged to post about their experiences on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and whatever social sites they prefer. All drivers greet their customers with the Lyft fist bump and strive to make each ride fun and engaging. Lyft has very high standards for its drivers and their vehicles.  Keep an eye out for pink mustaches around town!

Lyft App

Lyft official St. Louis Launch: April 18th at 7pm.

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at Davina.Horton@infuz.com or 314-584-8000.


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