Lyft Launches in St. Louis

Last night Lyft hosted its St. Louis launch party at The Gramophone on Manchester. Lyft has quickly been spreading across the country as a friendly, affordable alternative to the common taxi cab. You download the Lyft app to your phone, request a driver, and your credit card is charged once you have reached your destination. Lyft likes to refer to itself as “your friend with a car.”

Lyft Launch Party

Social media is a big part of how this app became successful. Drivers and riders are encouraged to post about their experiences on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and whatever social sites they prefer. All drivers greet their customers with the Lyft fist bump and strive to make each ride fun and engaging. Lyft has very high standards for its drivers and their vehicles. Case in point, Infuz Account Executive, Mike Cisar is one of the St. Louis inaugural drivers. Next time you need a ride, use the Lyft app, and maybe Mike will take you where you need to go. Keep an eye out for pink mustaches around town!

Lyft App

Lyft official St. Louis Launch: April 18th at 7pm.

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at or 314-584-8000.


Newest Member to the Infuz Family

Congratulations are in order. Kelli Schwahn, Social Media Coordinator here at Infuz, and her husband Keith have a new addition to their family. Lillian Mae was born April 2nd at 5:04pm weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 20 inches long.

Kelli's Newborn Baby


Kelli and Baby Lilly stopped by the office today to say hello. Lilly slept soundly throughout the entire visit, and we were all excited to hear baby stories from Kelli. We wish the family all the best!

Kelli and Lily                     Kelli and Lily 2

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at or 314-584-8000.



Facebook Newsfeed Changes

Over the past six months Facebook has been tweaking our News Feeds in both appearance and content. Facebook is becoming better at knowing who we are and what we want to see in our News Feeds. Numerous algorithm updates and a redesign have brought us to where we are today.

News Feeds include more:

- Auto-play Videos (including Ads)
- Larger Photos
- High Quality News Stories
- Resurfaced Content
- More Content from Brands

Facebook News Feed

News Feeds have less:

- Meme Photos
- Spammy Links
- Like-baiting

Facebook Meme
Have you noticed changes in your News Feed? Do you think Facebook “knows you better?”

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at or 314-584-8000.

Prizes for Social Media Promotions

Coming up with fun, interactive promotions for social media is my favorite part of my job. A lot of these promotions need to have some kind of incentive to get people to engage with and share the promotion. In my career, I have had the chance to give away lots of different prizes and witness first hand which incentives are most effective.

What’s the best type of prize? Simple. Cash is King! Why? Everyone wants and/or need more money. You don’t run the risk of having people who don’t want your prize when it’s cash. Whether it’s a Visa gift card or a check, cash will get your results.

Sometimes you’ll want a prize that’s really “sexy” or just sounds really big and extravagant to create a big buzz around your promotion. This is when I suggest you give away the “VIP” experience. Take something simple, like a pair of concert tickets and pair them with a limo ride, dinner at a fancy restaurant, and backstage passes to sweeten the deal. Give them something that can’t buy like a backstage tour, autographed jersey, or photo with their favorite celebrity. Also, giving an experience, will leave a lasting impression.

Hot, new electronics can make great prizes as well. Just be sure you don’t get something too dated. Always go with the newest version possible. Feel free to make your electronic prize “VIP” was well with extra games, controllers, covers, ringtones, or whatever else can add to the experience of the incentive.

When you are picking your prize, be sure to keep your audience in mind. Put yourself in their shoes and go with what will really get the most of them excited. Find more tips for picking incentives here. Happy Contesting.

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at or 314-584-8000.

Twitter’s Redesign Helps Brands

As you’ve probably heard by now, Twitter is rolling out a redesign that shares many similarities with Facebook. It is important that brands are aware of these changes and optimize their profiles to best market themselves. The main updates users need to be aware of and utilize effectively are:

  1. Larger Profile Picture & Header Images
  2. Best Tweets
  3. Pinned Tweets

Find tips on how to best use the new Twitter design to market your brand here.

Davina Horton is the Social Media Manager at Infuz. Contact her at or 314-584-8000.

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