St. Louis’ most influential tweeps ahead of Twitter’s IPO

Twitter shares are expected to begin trading Thursday. What better time to take a look at the most influential Twitter users in St. Louis?

STL Index, an INFUZ project, is a data-centric approach to measuring online influence in St. Louis. Influence is based on more than the number of followers a user has. We’re not going to give away all of our algorithm secrets, but it’s about how (and how well and how often) a tweep uses Twitter. Here’s a look at the top 50 influencers, as of Wednesday morning, broken into two categories. See how influential you are.

Businesses/organizations Individuals
@KSDKnews @Slackadjuster
@Cardinals @MattSebek
@Fox2Now @DGoold
@FSMidwest @JustinTarte
@KMOXnews @DLoesch
@Schlafly @LangoschMLB
@Hot1041 @2xAught7
@STLBlues @NormSanders
@STLouisRams @i__pooteD
@101ESPN @KidNoble
@KMOV @Kenny_Wallace
@STLToday @RobRains
@STLPublicRadio @TalkofSTL
@Y98 @ThreeFourteen
@CardinalsNation @TMcKernan
@MasonShow @DjClimate24
@TurfShowTimes @Chester_Lampkin
@RiverfrontTimes @JPRutherford
@InsideSTL @LKorac10
@Weatherbird @stljv
@stlouisbiz @4LeafCloverGirl
@ArchCitySports @SaraDKSDK
@Purina @Carly_Schaber
@FSMidwestGirls @MurphyLee
@FeastMag @RachCroney