This Week in Digital: November 11, 2011

Veteran’s Day, The Last Binary Date of the Century or a celebration of the latest incarnation The Doctor from Doctor Who. However you mark the occasion, you may want to take a moment to browse some of the big news in the digital space this week. Anybody who is anybody was releasing or announcing something big.

Hootsuite Spreads Its Wings The “Social Media Space” is ever-expanding and Hootsuite recently unveiled its App Directory – a repository of third party applications to manage brand engagement for additional social media channels. Pro and Enterprise Hootsuite accounts have access to the launch set of YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, and Get Satisfaction apps, but more networks are on the way.

Time to Get Your Google+ Pages Earlier this week, Google launched Google+ Pages – the official venue for brands and business to connect with people in the Google+ Space. The details are still shaking out, including limitations on brand-to-consumer communication and promotion restrictions.

Adobe Embraces HTML5 Adobe has ceased efforts to bring Flash Player to mobile devices. Citing the ubiquitousness of HTML5, they’re now focusing on supporting Flash development for Adobe Air applications and investing in HTML5 conversion.

I Prefer Cotton Candy, Myself Interactivity in video gets taken to new heights with Mozilla’s release of Popcorn 1.0. How long before we’re not content to watch a video unless we can interact with it or expect it to change depending on who is watching it?

Dashboards All Around Not to be outdone by the rest, Twitter rolled out the Activity Tab, highlighting what your friends are doing on twitter besides tweeting and retweeting. TIme will tell whether it’s worth visiting Twitter in a browser to see who your friends are following and favoriting.